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GIS App Development: Web, Mobile & Desktop

Transform your business with tailored GIS apps for web, mobile, and desktop, meeting your specific needs with expertise and precision. Our services include:

  • Tailored GIS Applications: Customized solutions for your unique needs, with intuitive interfaces, advanced mapping, and seamless integration.
  • Cross-Platform GIS Apps: Seamless experiences across web, mobile, and desktop for accessibility and user satisfaction.
  • Interactive Geo-Visualization: Unlock the potential of geospatial data with visually striking maps for insightful analysis and informed decision-making.

Integration & Implementation

GISKernel excels in integration and implementation services, delivering impactful solutions for seamless GIS integration. Our key areas of expertise include:

  • System Integration: We seamlessly integrate GIS with your existing systems, ensuring smooth data flow and interoperability across platforms
  • Data Exchange: We facilitate efficient data exchange between GIS and other systems, enabling seamless sharing of spatial information for better decision-making.
  • Workflow Optimization: Our experts optimize workflows through GIS implementation, streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and enhancing productivity.


GISKernel specializes in GeoAI, increasing efficiency through automation, accelerating insights from spatial big data, and deriving accurate predictions. Our expertise includes:

  • Object detection: We develop spatial models that can accurately detect objects such as buildings, humans, road signs, vegetation and vehicles in real time from drone/satellite images and videos.
  • Object Tracking and Path Tracing: Utilizing GeoAI, we can automatically identify objects and keep track of their trajectories in a video sequence
  • Instance Segmentation: Our skilled analysts utilize advanced GeoAI tools to identify and demarcate individual objects in an image

ML, AI & IOT Integration

GISKernel specializes in ML, AI, and IoT integration, enabling you to harness the power of these cutting-edge technologies for enhanced geospatial analysis. Our expertise includes:

  • ML and AI Integration: Seamlessly merge machine learning and AI into GIS systems for predictive modeling and automated data analysis.
  • IoT Integration: Integrate IoT devices and sensors with GIS platforms for real-time data collection and proactive resource management.
  • Advanced Analytics: Leverage ML, AI, and IoT technologies for insightful spatial analysis, optimizing planning and operational efficiency.

Remote sensing & Image Processing

GISKernel specializes in remote sensing and image processing solutions, offering:

  • Accurate Data Analysis: Utilize advanced techniques to process satellite imagery and aerial data, enabling precise land cover classification, change detection, and environmental monitoring.
  • Enhanced Image Insights: Apply sophisticated algorithms to enhance image quality, extract valuable information, and perform detailed analysis for various applications.
  • Tailored Solutions: Develop customized workflows to address your specific needs, providing actionable insights and reliable data for informed decision-making.

GIS Training & Consultancy

GISKernel offers comprehensive GIS training and consultancy services, providing:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from our experienced GIS professionals who offer specialized training programs and tailored consultancy services to enhance your GIS knowledge and skills.
  • Hands-on Learning: Engage in practical training sessions and workshops, gaining practical experience in GIS software, data analysis, and spatial modeling.
  • Customized Solutions: Receive personalized consultancy services to address your specific GIS challenges, including data management, system implementation, and workflow optimization.

Ready to Use Inhouse GeoAI Tools

  • Building Foot Print Extraction
  • Road network Extraction
  • Water body extraction
  • Mining area extraction
  • Vehicle Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Object detection from videos
  • Object tracking in videos
  • Mangrove Mapping
  • Land Use/Land Cover Mapping
  • Crop Classification
  • Site suitability analysis
  • Change Detection
  • Damage Assessment
  • Impact Assessments
  • Crop yield prediction
  • Crop health assessment
  • Soil health assessment

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