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Revolutionizing Agriculture with GIS Technology

 At GISKernel, we create a fascinating bond between GIS, Remote Sensing & GeoAI technologies, and agriculture to move closer to the world of regenerative and precision agriculture. 

How can GIS help the agriculture industry?

GIS technology is revolutionizing agriculture by helping farmers manage and monitor their crops in real time. This empowers farmers to make informed decisions, enhancing food production and economic growth. GIS has enormous potential to rebuild the soil biodiversity and increase the productivity of the land. 

How GISKernel Empowers the Agriculture Sector

Precision agriculture solutions

GIS is a crucial tool in precision agriculture that leverages various types of field data, analytics and technologies such as GPS, Remote Sensing and VRT for informed decision-making and planning. 

Regenerative agricultural solutions

GIS, in combination with other technology, has enormous potential in restoring degraded soil biodiversity, rebuilding organic matter and increasing productivity in degraded landscapes 

Water Management

GIS sheds light on where water drains more or less quickly so measures can be taken to prevent soil erosion or hindrance to crop production. GIS makes finding alternative irrigation systems or even automating irrigation easier. 

Crop monitoring and forecasting

Advanced remote sensing sensors and GIS combined with GeoAI provide advanced methods for monitoring crop health and help prioritize crops that need extra care. Soil, crop and weather analysis are facilitated by the satellite sensors and GIS mapping aids in determining how different variables affect crop yield.

Land suitability analysis

Incorporating spatial information on various physical, soil, geographic, and atmospheric features will help determine the land’s potential and suitability for agricultural activities.

Creating agricultural land boundaries

GIS is an essential tool for creating accurate agriculture land boundaries that are useful for government agencies to make subsidy payments to farmers and landowners

Transforming Agriculture with GIS Innovation


Decision-support tool for crop planning

ML & BigData

For Crop Suitability Analysis


For precision agriculture solutions

Unlock the Potential of Your Agricultural Business with GIS

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