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Revolutionising Geospatial Analytics Using Computer Vision For Quick Actionable Insights

Unleashing the Power of maps & Satellite Data

Unlocking GeoAI-Powered Actionable Insights from Geographical Data to Maximize Your Business Potential

Driving Success: Transformative Geospatial Solutions in Action


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Cost saving in resource utilization


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Simplifying Geospatial Insights in just Three Steps

Maps & Data

Leverage GISKernel's expertise to collect and analyze comprehensive geospatial maps and datasets.


Uncover valuable patterns and relationships within your geospatial data using advanced analysis techniques.


Transform geospatial insights into practical applications that align with your business objectives.

The Journey from Maps to Informed Decision-making

GIS App Development: Web, Mobile & Desktop

Enabling seamless access to spatial data and analysis on multiple platforms be it web or mobile app
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Enterprise Solution Implementation

Ensuring smooth integration with existing enterprise systems & maximizing the benefits of spatial data
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GIS Data creation & Analysis

Providing expert insights and actionable intelligence for informed decision-making
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Leveraging advanced technologies to enhance GIS capabilities and automate processes for optimal efficiency
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Remote Sensing & Image Processing

Delivers accurate and meaningful geospatial information from aerial and satellite imagery for various applications
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GIS Training & Consultancy

Equip individuals and organizations with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively leverage GIS technologies
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Why GISKernel: Transforming Geospatial Possibilities

End-to-end Integartion

Seamless geospatial tech integration for efficient data utilization

Innovative GIS solution

Customized solutions driving innovation & competitive advantage

Cloud based access

Secure, scalable, and accessible geospatial data and applications

One-stop solution

Simplify your geospatial journey with all comprehensive services

Geospatial Solutions for Every Sector, Industries We Transform


Enables efficient route planning, asset tracking, and real-time traffic analysis

Energy & Utilities

Manages energy and utility networks, improving infrastructure planning and outage management

Smart cities

Creates smart cities by analyzing data for urban planning and citizen services


Optimizes agriculture by providing insights on soil, crops, and water resources


Assists in network planning, optimizing coverage areas, and analyzing customer demographics


Assists banks in analyzing market potential and locating branches or ATMs

Raving Reviews & Stories of Geospatial Transformation

Our top clients & partners

Our top clients & partners

Geospatial Solutions Made Easy with GISKernel

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