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GIS for Disaster Risk Reduction

At GISKernel, we understand climate risk and develop strategies to build preparedness and reduce disaster risk by embracing next-generation geospatial solutions.

Staying ahead of the next disaster using GIS

GIS is a crucial component in post-disaster activities – be it the response, recovery, or rehabilitation. When it comes to disaster management, the most important piece is to build a strategy before disaster hits. The application of AI and GIS is immensely effective for data-driven insights to prepare better, assess risks, and develop adaptation & mitigation strategies. 

How GISKernel Empowers the Disaster Management Sector

Debris detection for post-disaster activities

Detection of damages such as collapsed buildings, roof damage, vehicle parts, uprooted vegetation and other debris after a disaster is made possible with GeoAI. 

Emergency evacuation scenario planning

During a disaster, GIS aids in emergency evacuation planning, allocation of emergency response centres, estimating emergency rescue times, and identifying evacuation routes. 

Impact and damage assessments

GIS aids in quantifying the extent of damage or impact of a disaster. Such assessments are needed to allocate resources, prioritize recovery efforts, and estimate financial losses. 

Crowdsourcing for disaster management

Crowdsourcing is a dynamic tool and, when combined with GIS, will allow collaboration with on-the-ground responders to respond faster and accurately during disasters. 

Risk and vulnerability assessments

Multi-hazard risk and vulnerability assessments are carried out through an integrated process using remote sensing and GIS to undertake mitigation, adaption or risk reduction measures.

Digital twin for disaster mitigation

A virtual model, a realistic simulation of a project, environment, or critical situation, allows for the simulation of disasters and their impacts. It is vital for effective disaster preparedness, response and recovery. 

Transforming Disaster Management sector with GIS Innovation


Decision-support Tool for Damage Assessmen


For Debris Detection

Real-time Platform

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Unlock the Potential of Your Disaster Management Business with GIS

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