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Celebrating 5 Years of Innovation: The Journey of GISKernel

Revisiting the History

The journey of GISKernel started about five years ago in February 2018. A young and passionate founder, Akshay Loya, who had the vision to revolutionize the world of GIS through its advanced and innovativ use to solve complex business problems.

Akshay started his career as a Biotechnology student who was introduced to the world of GIS by his mentor. His mentor mentioned “GIS is basically like a map on steroids! Trust me, you’re going to love it.” which inspired Akshay to explore more. He was fascinated and was determined to make a career in it.

He went on to crack an interview for the Symbiosis Institute of Geo-Informatics and the journey has only been onwards and upwards from there.

Akshay’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to pursue his passion for GIS through freelancing. His first project at the University of Washington proved to be a success, allowing him to hire his first employee and lay the foundation of GISKernel. The company, GISKernel, reflects the core essence of GIS, which serves as the foundation for all the work they do.



Milestones and Accomplishments

Since its inception, GISKernel has achieved several milestones and accomplishments in its five years journey.

Milestone #1: Recognition as a Startup by the Government of India

GISKernel received recognition as a Startup by the Government of India for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade in January 2019 – a testament to its potential. This recognition opened up new opportunities for the company to grow.

Milestone #2: Tax Exemptions under the “Startup India” Scheme

GISKernel received tax exemptions under the “Startup India” scheme in April 2021 for 3 years – an enormous financial support during its early stages.

Milestone #3: Showcasing Work at Dubai Expo

The steadily growing company showcased its work at the Dubai Expo 2020 to potential investors, engaged with different stakeholders and networked with other startups –  a significant achievement and recognition of its innovative work in the field of GIS.

Milestone #4: Exhibit their Work at Science City, Ahmedabad

In September 2022, GISKernel was selected to showcase its work at Science City Ahmedabad to 500 bureaucrats from all over India. It was a good channel to network with the know how’s of the industry

Milestone #5: Restarting the Office after Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic was a global challenge that affected almost every aspect of life, including businesses. Despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic, GISKernel persevered and successfully restarted its operations in January 2023. This accomplishment is a testimony to the company’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity. It showcases the company’s commitment to its mission and ability to overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

Each of these milestones and accomplishments serves as a reminder of the company’s journey so far and its unwavering commitment to innovation and growth.

Looking Forward

GISKernel has a clear vision for the future with plans and goals that are ambitious and attainable. The company is focused on continuing to provide innovative solutions and services to its clients while exploring new opportunities and markets. With its dedicated team of experts and its commitment to excellence, GISKernel is poised for continued success and growth by making a positive impact in the world of GIS.

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